Asleep on the train

I was reading Osho who has quoted Jean-Paul Sartre today,and he was talking about that life is like a child asleep on a train, with no ticket, not even knowing why is he on the train and where is he going.

Think about it, millions of people live lives like that.

Are you one of them?

Are you asleep on the train or are you awake knowing why are you there, knowing the train’s destination?

Why not start living your life on your terms, intentionally design it.

Today is the day to decide and just do it.

Where to start from?

Start with your Why!!!

So, here we are again in life as in business, if you want something meaningful that lasts, it starts with your why.

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Violeta is a licensed real estate broker in the States of Georgia and Florida and currently own and operate two companies some online, and some in the physical world. The #1 Thing she's learned is: There is a LOT to learn. She considers herself as a lifetime student. Her writing is focused on ideas on how to create better habits, make better decisions, and live better lives, including the latest marketing tips, freebies & tools based on years of experience and coaching. Her hope is to empower bilingual women like herself, who are working in the real estate industry, so they’ll have more time to enjoy life and grow their business.