Make Every Day Of Your Life Count - 9125, 9124, 9123.....going down!

It’s a rainy December 1st, another year is almost over, and it makes me think about an exercise I wanted to do when I’ve heard about it, to help me be aware at all times. 

So, I searched back to find it but came around a personal blog from Joshua Kennon who actually spelled it out for me, so no further research needed, it’s pretty clear.

So what he has calculated is that the average life of a person who lives in the United States is  27,375 days.

The formula to calculate how much life on average you have left is if you multiply your age by 365 days and then subtract it from the above number.

That means for me: 50 x 365= 9,125 days left, this is about 1300 weeks to be around assuming that I am part of the statistics.

We all gonna die, this is 100% true. Keep reminding yourself of that and make every day it count.

Don’t spend your life just sitting around and doing work you are not passionate about and you hate, or keep tolerating people you don’t like and who don't share the same values as you, stop living your life to please others, live it to please yourself and you tribe.

Pick yourself up, get you life in your hands, it’s totally up to you, it becomes with you and it’s up to you, everything else is an excuse.

Happy weekend!



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