Episode # 4.

2019 Setting Goals & Business Planning From One Real Estate Woman To Another 

Join the 5-Day Challenge Starts on Monday, December 3rd.

Real estate ladies, have you completed your 2019 planning yet?

If you have not, join me in the 5 Day Challenge For Setting Goals and Business Planning.

After completing it, you’ll be able to be clear on your personal and business goals for next year.

What do you need to do and have in order to get there.

Have a living document to help you stay focused and on track for a great 2019.

If you think that this will be beneficial to you, please sign up below.

It's FREE if you sign up by MIDNIGHT on Sunday, 11/25/2018.

After That Is $ 29.95.

Let’s get it done together!

Sign up for the 5-Day Challenge at: http://www.bit.ly/2019BizPlan

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About The Author

Violeta is a licensed real estate broker in the States of Georgia and Florida and currently own and operate two companies some online, and some in the physical world. The #1 Thing she's learned is: There is a LOT to learn. She considers herself as a lifetime student. Her writing is focused on ideas on how to create better habits, make better decisions, and live better lives, including the latest marketing tips, freebies & tools based on years of experience and coaching. Her hope is to empower bilingual women like herself, who are working in the real estate industry, so they’ll have more time to enjoy life and grow their business.