In my previous post, we've talked about your target market and your prospects.

How to find what they want? You simply ask them.

Rather than assuming or guessing, you should be asking your customers directly by researching their needs at the first interview on the phone, at your first presentation, via email, at closing, etc.

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Use this questions to research at least 3-5 clients for yourself and your main competitors.

Or just call random people and ask them politely to survey them on the phone, ask friends of friends that you’ve just heard that they bought or sold a house, and ask them to help you by answering few questions, post the questions on social media… 

There are many ways to get creative. Just ask the questions and you'll get answers.

People like to talk and share their experiences, you'll be surprised.

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In my next blog post, I’ll talk about how to set yourself apart and give your prospects what they want.

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