Is Being a Minimalist as a Real Estate Agent Even Possible?

Minimalism has been on my mind a lot lately.

As a first step I've cleaned my closet and donated everything to Goodwill.

I only buy things I really need to buy like groceries, toilet necessity… I am tempted to get this nice outfit but I always ask the question, do I really need it, am I really going to wear it, when and where I’ll do that, or I am just buying because it’s a good deal… and if it doesn’t check, I end up not buying it now.

Second step, I’ve cleaned up my office from tons of paper, scanned and saved an electronic copy in a cloud and on an external hard drive. It’s hard to do it, and my office turns out to be a mess if  I don’t do anything to it fo a while… It helps scheduling a “Clean The Clutter” day, once every couple of months.

On this day, you go through all the junk that you’ve collected and make 3 piles.

  1. For the general stuff: keep, don’t keep, maybe.  
  2. For the office staff the 3 piles are: keep & scan, scan & shred, throw away.
  3. For the electronic stuff( files on your computer), the 3 piles are folder on your desktop: work files, for backup( these items you transfer to your cloud database and also save on an external hard drive), delete.       

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking how to incorporate this approach into my real estate practice. As you probably already noticed, if you’ve been a while in the field, it could be overwhelming most of the time especially if you are the top producer agent and let’s say, currently you work with 3 different buyers, you also have a listing, and a property under contract.

Also, you know for a fact that in order to keep your business steady like that at all times, you need to keep prospecting for new business every single day. You don’t want the Yo-Yo effect to happen to you as soon as you take care of your current business.

Although the minimalism seems like out of question in the above scenario, I still think we can discuss and challenge it.

Let’s start with the keep prospecting part while you are crazy busy working with few different clients at the same time. What you can do about it? For the record, before we go with the exercise,it’s good to  know your numbers, to know exactly how many people you need to talk to daily asking for business in order to reach your income goal. If you don’t know your numbers, take the 5-Day Challenge, and you’ll know them.

For this example, we’ll use 5, you need to contact 5 people every work day actively asking for business in order to do it. This will take you 1 hour the most to talk to that many people, the trick is in the  good planning and having a strategy:

1) Know who you’ll contact today ( have your weekly list ready on Sunday before the week starts). So in this case you need a list of 25 people. If you don't know  that many people, include FSBO from Zillow, an expired down the street, one of your vendors… Ideas on how to multiply your contact list are coming in future posts.

2)Know what is the best way to get in contact with them ( do they like to text, FB messenger, Viber, Watsapp, Skype, talk, email, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc..)... and what do you think will be the best time of the day to do it, so you have a better chance to get to them? If you don’t know exactly, use at least few methods from above.

3) Have your message/script ready in your notes, so you can copy and paste it into the messenger, text, email, on the phone or just leave it on their VM. If you don’t know what to say, we’ll discuss it in future posts.

So, do that:

When you start planning your next week, create a list of 25 people you should contact, schedule the date, an hour and the contact method. Create your script/message. For instance, if you’ll be calling you sphere, just say something like: “ Hi, just checking in and wanted to ask you a favor, who do you know who is thinking to buy, sell or invest in real estate in the next 3 months? I’ll appreciate if you shoot me a message back with their name & number. Thanks and I wish you all the best. Your name.”

Try it, and let me know in the comments below if you’ve got something out of it.

Next post

we’ll be discussing the topic of  working with multiple buyers at the same time, without overwhelming yourself, and can we be using the minimalist approach in mind again. In other words, how not to get overwhelmed when working with multiple buyers at the same time if you eliminate 80% of unnecessary tasks and focus on the important things.

make it a great week and thank you for stopping by!

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