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Who is

The Bilingual Agent ?

I'm Violeta.

I've come a long way since my first business venture 25 years ago.

Before I've got into the real estate, I've had 5 other businesses in completely different industries.

Currently I own and operate two companies some online, and some in the physical world.

The #1 thing I've learned is: There is a LOT to Learn.

I consider myself a self-thought lifetime student

who is learning, implementing and testing 

new business tools, methods & strategies every single day,

as the technology changes so fast.

It’s my hope that by sharing my experiences, wins and failures with you, you’ll have more time to enjoy your life and grow your business.

My writing is focused on empowering other bilingual solopreneurial women like myself by sharing new concepts, the latest marketing tips, freebies & tools, including ideas on how to create healthy habits, make strategic decisions, and live meaningful lives based on proven research and years of business experience and coaching.


My goal is to write articles in multiple languages based on the languages you speak. The language I speak is Bulgarian, so I'll make sure to make it a reality.

Please contact me here if you would like to contribute in your own language.

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