3 Signs That You Need To Reassess.

  1. You don’t enjoy doing what you doing like you used to before. Feels like you’ve lost your passion for it.

  2. You have no tolerance for people, you are getting aggravated very easily when talking to your customers.

  3. People notice that you are less effective and not pleasure to be around.

These are some of the signs of burning out. It happens to the best of us. It happened to me several times.

What to Do?

  1. Take some time off work (2-3 weeks) and:

       a) go on vacation ( a real vacation w/o your laptop and phone);

       b) read more books;

       c) start a journal;

       d) try to meditate;

       e) sign up for an yoga class and see if you like it;

  1. Re-evaluate your business:

       a) decide what part of your business you enjoy more and do that;

        b) stop being everything for everybody because you can't;

  1. Go over your database and get rid of people who are bringing you down and you don’t enjoy to work with.

  2. Ask yourself: “ What part of the real estate brings me the most pleasure and do you really want to do in the field of real estate?” ..than learn more about it, get the best in the field about that topic. This will give you a new purpose and pleasure.

I hope that helps.

After my last burnout and doing the above re-evaluation, my new goal is to transition to be 100% virtual and location independent by still using my real estate & business knowledge, experience, licensing & certifications.

I have several ideas that I will implement in 2019 in order to make it a reality.

This is something new, fresh, exciting and challenging, and a great start for a New Year. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Happy Holidays!

xo Violeta

Holiday Spirit, Family and Real Estate! 
Is My Next Topic!

make it a great week and thank you for stopping by!

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